It may occure in every company’s practice that you feel something does not work properly, the effectiveness of the HR is not up to expectation, communication is insufficient, the staff is lost in the everyday routine, the tools and practices used every day become out of date. In the frame of our HR consultancy as an outsider business partner we survey the HR section, the procedures and practices of the company, thus supporting the organization to operate more effectively and creatively on every level. During our service we focus mainly ont he following points:

HR tanácsadás
  • HR as business partner should represent a real added value within the organization;

  • keeping in view the fundamental doctrines of organization psychology, the HR should represent the human resources department with a business-based approach;

  • the HR department should be a value producing, decision supporting business partner keeping the organizational purposes always in view;

  • in the HR department the ITsupporting tools furthering labour administration and up to date documentation should be introduced;

  • the HR team and the managers should cooperate as a cohesive and comitted team;

  • the main activities of the HR department should not be limited to administrative, maintenance and report making activity, but it should rather focus on people management, manager development, employee trainings and coachings, motivation system, performance evaluation and employee retention;

In the frame of our consultancy we screen the following areas:

  • cooperation, employee communication and commitment;

  • treatment of changes, practice of their management;

  • recruitment and selection practice;

  • headcount and job description planning;

  • motivation and performance evaluation system;

  • HR administration;

  • HR controlling tools;

  • training and development;

  • retention policy;

  • data protection procedures;

  • knowledge management.

HR tanácsadás

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