Thanks to our experiences gained during the selection, training and improvement of several thousands of colleagues, we have a professional training, mentoring, coaching and performance measuring methodology. Therefore we can offer complex solutions for the improvement of colleagues and their managers, their training plan and the implementation of the trainings. Through soft skills tranings and individual coaching we help coordinate the individual and company values, purposes and interests.

Our trainings are of great assistance for senior executives and means a real value to the company, because they are based on profound demand surveys and on practical experience that can be utilized in everyday work. Besides the professional contents of the trainings the significant elements of our methodology are to get acquainted with the participants, their involvement into the learning processes, the continuous maintenance of their activity, the maintenance of the individual and group motivation, and finally the measurement of effectiveness with feedbacks and trackings.

Within the framework of our different skills improving trainings our principal goal is

  • to promote the preparedness and motivation of the employees, to intensify mutual reliance among them, to provide them possibility for social event and to teach them useful and practical study techniques;

  • to stimulate employees for better performance, cooperation and a strong commitment, and to teach them how to take steps against burnout, thus attaining that employww satisfaction will increase and the fluctuation will decrease;

  • to recognize and exploit the hidden potential in the employees and their managers.

képzés,tréning, coaching

Major topics for employees:

  • Customer service trainings

  • Assertive communication and self knowledge

  • Sales techniques

  • Time economy

  • Team building, teamwork

  • Stress and conflict handling

  • Questioning techniques, self assertion, conviction

  • Effective communication through the telephone

  • Emotional intelligence and problem solving

  • Presentation techniques

  • Kreativitás fejlesztés

  • Change management, adjustment

  • Cross and up sales techniques

  • Project management

Major topics for managers:

  • Becoming a manager, management theories, management competencies

  • Management communication, management mistakes, people management

  • Forming of manager self image and toolbox

  • Planning, management, delegation (self management and time economy)

  • Conflict management

  • Motivation, control, evaluation

  • Performance evaluation and development, giving feedbacks

  • Relation between stress and self knowledge, stress balance

  • Team building and management, team dynamics

  • Manager toolbox, manager styles

  • Supporting management style and attitude

  • Presentation, presentation techniques

  • Manager protocol


In the frame of our coaching sessions our coach’s goal is to teach the participant to use his own resources, questions and abilities in order to see more clearly, focusing on the present and the future, in which direction he advances and what he/ wants/can do for the sake of reaching his goals. The coach inspire the coachee with questions, shows the right track, supports, listens and observes, gives feedback, which stimulates the participant to resoluteness.

Képzés, tréning, coaching

Major topics of a coaching:

  • identification of a specific problem/conflict/unusual situation;

  • balking on a level, difficulties in progress;

  • ambition to better management performance;

  • new appointment, new duties;

  • decision making;

  • conflict management;

  • burnout, change and alteration;

  • balance beteen work and private life.

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