In the framework of our workforce placement service we develop a project plan together with our partner according to his particular demands. We schedule the workforce placement with special regard to the requirement profile and the volume. As a result of the successful placement, the candidate will be placed into our customer’s own staff.


General process of workforce placement

  • On the basis of our customer’s special demands and our professional advice we determine the requirements of the wanted candidate, we agree in the benefits package and we decide together about the search strategy

  • Through advertisements and alternative recruitment channels we find the candidates in the shortest possible time

  • Our HR professional prescreens and meets the candidates, makes sure of the candide’s personality, skills and competency necessary for the job (e.g. by measurement of lingual ability, situation practices, personality profile and competency tests etc.), then she discloses the candidate’s career and personal motivation to our customer

  • During the search we keep in touch with our customer, report on our experiences and compare the progress with the project plan

  • Our professional draws up the summarizing profile descriptions of the promising candidates according to the preliminarily defined aspects, then forwards the short list to our customer

  • Our customer decides about the candidates, whom he wishes to learn personally, and we organize the personal meetings with these candidates

  • Following the successful selection we keep in touch with the hired candidate(s) and also with our customer till the date of starting work

  • In case of rejection or if the guaarantee period is still valid we go on seeking for other suitable candidates

Direct search: it occures that we seek for a professional with special expertise or a specific qualification, who is typically in high demand on the labour market, or we need to find a middle or top manager. In such cases we try to get close and arouse the interest of these type of potential candidates by direct search, i.e. „headhunting”. This creative searching method is discreet since these candites generally have a current position. After the successful approach, our most important task is to survey his/her competences and main motivators for the change.


Guarantee: although we do our best to select the best fitting candidate, it happens that the hired employee does not prove suitable, or does not fit in the corporate culture, or an unforeseeable obstacle arises in his/her employment. For whatever reason the notice occurs, within the guarantee period we restart the search and find a new candidate for our customer free of charge.

If you have any question, or would like to learn more about our worforce placement services, contact us here or call our colleague!