Within the framework of our employee leasing service, we employ the candidates recruited and selected by us, but we lease, assign them to our customer for working. We exercise the employer rights and liabilities divided, and secure that both the borrower’s and the leased employee’s satisfaction. At the leasing company a considerable energy and time saving can arise, since as service provider we perform the whole recruitment and selection, whatever, the full scale of HR administration of the leased employees from the placement to the payroll. As a result, the costs can be easier calculated and surveyed, while the borrower can be convinced of the professional suitability of the leased employee without risk.

General process of employee leasing:

  • According to our customer’s expectations we develop a project plan for the schedule of the employee leasing with special attention to the exact requirement profile and the volume needed

  • We start searching the professionally prepared and in personality fitting candidates on as many recruitment routes as possible

  • We prescreen and interview the promising candidates, in case of a greater number of candidates or if special search is necessary, an Assessment Center is conducted with evaluation

  • We organize the presentation of candidates considered suitable to our customer

  • For the selected candidates we make an offer, agree with them, make a labour contract and hire them into our leased staff

  • For the employees we carry out all administration work including payroll, we performe the labor law duties related tasks

  • It is very important for us to know if the rent employee is satisfied, therefore we remain in touch with him/her and we deal with his/her questions and observations

  • While performing our above tasks we keep in touch with our customer, handle his arising demands flexibly, to which we secure a dedicated one point contact person, who is accessible at any time of the day

  • Our customer can take over the accepted colleagues into his own staff according to the contractual stipulations

Further advantages of the employee leasing:

  • flexible workforce management without the responsibility of labor law restrictions and difficulties

  • There is no inhouse recruitment, selection, fluctuation, no more working hours should be devoted to them

  • it is an excellent solution also in case of temporary overload, season work, longer holidays or sickness

  • the borrowed employee is not included in the statistical staff of the borrower

  • the borrower obtains an immediately disposable, qualified and proficient workforce with a trial period over 90 days (see also our Try&Hire service)

  • at a more favourable staff index the amount of administration work reduces from hiring to terminating

  • we take the labor law issues upon ourselves

  • there is no payroll accounting and no payment obligation, liability of tax and incidental expenses on the wages and fringe benefits

  • it is not necessary to deal with the cafeteria benefits

  • there will be free capacity the inhouse HR division

  • by the payment of a simple invoice, accountable cost arises

  • we work with guaranteed service levels

Our Try&Hire service combines the advantages of employee leasing and employee placement in a unique construction. During the leasing period our partner can take the best performing colleagues into its own staff for a service fee calculated on the basis of the the elapsed time, thus minimizing the risk of suitability and fluctuation.

If you have any question or would like to learn more about our workforce leasing service contact us here, or call our colleague!