toborzás, kiválasztás

In accordance with our customer’s special demands we survey and exploit the widest range of recruitment possibilities on the market to get the most relevant applications as soon as possible. We accurately survey our customer’s demands concerning the scope of the search, competencies and personality of the wished candidates, we draw up a plan together to schedule the recruitment and selection process, i.e. we develop the recruitment strategy.  After studying the applications of the promising candidates, we prescreen them with a view to the effectiveness and comparability, then we conduct an individual structured interview, keeping in mind our customer’s expectations. Based on our first impressions in most cases we hold an assessment centre to gather further informations about the candidates, and / or we use tests measuring personality, competences or skills. On the basis of our impressions we prepare a written evaluation for our customer, then we draw up a short list of candidates considered most suitable professionally and personally so that our customer can already get in touch with the best candidates.

We recruite for personal introduction candidates, who met all stipulations indicated in the individual orders of our customer and who performed well during the prescreenings. We remain in contact with the candidates till closing the selection process, and by our professional consultancy, we help our customer overcome possible obstacles arising during the process.

It occurs that at short notice a considerable amount of workforce is required at calculable costs. Our partner may seek candidates for areas, concerning which he does not yet have any experience, or he only temporarily needs to expand the recruitment activity at the company.  Also for such cases we can offer flexible solution by alternatives listed below, which save time and energy for our customer:

Toborzás, kiválasztás
  • Within the framework of our on-site (inhouse) recruitmentservice we help overcome the provisional lack of capacity of our customer’s HR professionals responsible for selection. With our onsite cosultany and the overall operative conduct of the selection we assist our customer’s own professionals by new ideas and flexible solutions, who can comfortably continue working in their own environment, while they can reach our counsellor at any time.

  • In case of our Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) service the complete recruitment and selection process is totally or partly transferred to us, while we remain in intensive touch with our customer’s HR professional. We conduct the whole prescreening and the interviews, hold an Assessment Center with evaluation and if necessary, track the process till hiring the best candidates.

If you have any question or would like to know more about our recruitment and selection services, contact us here or call our colleague!